Andreas vs. Paul

Two Pianists, Six Rounds, Chopin vs. Liszt, Debussy vs. Schubert, Black vs. White.
Who will be the first to cross the finishing line?
The audience will decide!

Welcome to PIANO BATTLE “Andreas vs. Paul“. Who is the better pianist? That is the very theme of this battle. The answer is not so obvious, as the two opponents are markedly different in many ways and yet are equally strong and competent. In this one-of-a-kind battle, the antagonistic styles of the two pianists are pit against each other. Many norms and conventions of classical concerts are broken along the way, as the two artists, armed with charm and chutzpah, push the limits and chart new territories, presenting what you don’t normally get in other classical concerts without taking away the very beauty of classical music.

True to their roots, the pianists tackle their challenge with a virtuosic and energetic approach. Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov and Scriabin? No problem. Just let the fingers fly around the keyboard and the audience will see what the two artists are capable of. But power and speed are not everything – tone, phrasing and fine nuances are also important as ingredients for a convincing performance. Will Schubert, Brahms or Debussy work, or are they too safe a choice? Being experimental, bold, contemporary and sporty is the order of the day. Who can play the piano and ping pong at the same time? And who can improvise better? The audience may know better. This 90-minute show is not only about piano playing; but is also about words, ideas and individual style. Who can deliver the best punchlines? Who is the innovative and witty one? As the audience will see, the right attitude, effective communication and good timing are the keys to success.

A competition wouldn’t be a competition without a jury. In this show, you will be the judge! All members of the audience are invited to vote on the pianists’ performances and eventually crown the winner. And your involvement in the concert may not stop here… In traditional classical concerts, the audience is in a passive position – they watch the performance and listen to the music without interacting with the performers. At PIANO BATTLE, however, audience members play can play an active part in a way that enhances both the musical and entertainment experience. From the word go, one thing is clear: when the two pianists fight, the audience watches with delight.

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