What happened? The end of PIANO BATTLE?
A solo show?

Welcome to PIANO BATTLE “Fame”. In this second show, the two pianists look their careers in the eye. Did they perhaps not get as far, did they not make the breakthrough because they performed together? Would they have gotton further individually? Andreas and Paul are each convinced of that and want the audience to confirm it: Who deserves more Fame?

Fame is achieved through the media. Who of the two can score more points in what media format? A YouTube series, “Herzblatt” TV game or proper late-night show? The winner has the chance to finally get his break when the audience decides about the winner. What sets this show apart is, that Andreas and Paul play double roles. They are not only pianists, but also slip into the role of directors – and in that role they challenge each other. Whoever sits in the director’s chair has the say and can motivate or verbally “destroy” the other. Just like in real life.

This second show is all about the media world, with its facts and cliches. Several times during the battle, the two pianists take on the role of TV director and capitalise on-take advantage of the situation to corner each other. Films and film music are apparently Paul’s forte, which is why he proposes a round about film scores. Andreas sees through Paul’s plot a little too late but still manages to turn the table by prompting Paul to put on an outlandish Darth Vader costume when playing the next round. Both pianists claim to have a good understanding of the opposite. Little wonder they come up with their version of a TV dating show. Three women from the audience will reveal which of the two pianists they like better.

As alway, humor is a big part of their presentation, especially when the two protagonists take on the role of late-night host in the final round: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to „Trust Your Ears“. Debussy was a master in creating atmospheres. His music follows no conventions, each pieces has its on musical languages. Imagine what a piece such a genius would write after experiencing a modern day firework… Or: Hey shorties, did you hear it on the news: medical research has now discovered something new: Bach as background music during sex promotes fertility. But a natural form of abortion has also been found using music by Wagner. And if men want to be sterilized right away, we recommend Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker…

In the end, as always, the audience decides: how much Show can classical music tolerate? Which of the two pianists deserves to have “Fame”?

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