The brainchild of internationally acclaimed pianists Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis, the PIANO BATTLE sees the duo go head-to-head on stage, charming and enchanting the audience with a variety of classical pieces. Think Schubert versus Chopin, or swot versus class clown, if you like. Who will be first to cross the finishing line, the pianist clad in black attire or in white? Only the audience will decide! Part serious classical recital, part tongue-in-cheek performance by two classy pianists, the PIANO BATTLE is a unique concert that is innovative, humorous, interactive and accessible. It is about democratising classical music.

Originally created for the Hong Kong City Festival, PIANO BATTLE has been performed at prestigious festivals and numerous concert halls in Asia, Europe and North America. During the last years Andreas and Paul have expanded the concept. The result is an instalment of three “duo” shows, and one Battle with Orchestra:

PIANO BATTLE “Andreas vs. Paul”

Who is the better pianist? That’s a challenge for you to tackle, with your ears, eyes and heart. This original version of the PIANO BATTLE is a concert show that shines the spotlight on two rival pianists who compete to win the audience over with their distinctly different styles, techniques and artistic personalities. The repertoire ranges from Schubert and Chopin to Scriabin and Ligeti. The two artists will even go so far as to spontaneously improvise tunes requested by the audience. At the end of each round, all members of the audience are invited to vote on the duo’s performances – and will eventually crown the winner. Yet your involvement in the show as a member of the audience may not stop here, as you shall see… Highly entertaining, and pleasing to the ear, the eye and the mind. That’s the first edition of PIANO BATTLE – Andreas vs. Paul. Want to know more? Click HERE


As Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis are itching to go separate ways and present their talent in a solo show, the competition between them has come to an end. Or has it? In this PIANO BATTLE sequel the audience is still the one to pick one of the artists as the winner. Which pianist do they want to see perform in a solo show? Who does a better job presenting classical music? In “Fame”, the two protagonists lead the audience through various approaches and ideas of how to present classical music within different media forms. Wits, energy and good music abound. Expect Chopin vs. Beethoven; Mozart vs. Rachmaninoff; Adele vs. Michael Bublé. It is a sequel where the battle continues, and we don’t know which pianist will win until towards the end of the show. But the identity of one winner is clear from the start: It’s the audience. Curious? Click HERE

PIANO BATTLE “Time Is Limited”

PIANO BATTLE’s latest duo show “Time Is Limited” sees pianists Andreas Kern & Paul Cibis performing not only against each other but also against the clock. Playing well is important to score in the audience voting but will it be enough if before the final speech your time runs out to even talk? With a timer at the center of the stage, the bantering needs to be short yet to simply rush through is dangerous too as you still need to convince the audience with everything you do. Whether you have audience members on stage for a musical memory game, or whether “For Elise goes Brazil” – there are no musical boundaries with Andreas & Paul: From Beethoven to Beatles, from Chopin to Coldplay, everything seems possible – but timing is everything. You have more time? Click HERE


In this format of PIANO BATTLE, Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis are joined in their Battle by a whole orchestra. The various instrumental groups become the “weapons” to be chosen by the winning pianist in a given round, effectively enlarging and empowering his team. At some point, the two protagonists even try to conduct the band, a move that is bound to fail. So when the conductor joins the lot, everyone – from the musicians of the orchestra to audience members – are delighted and relieved. Much as the orchestra is actively involved, the verdict of the battle will still be announced by the audience. What is more convincing? Rachmaninov, Chopin, Mozart or Wagner? Or could it be the grandeur of the Star Wars finale? When PIANO BATTLE meets ORCHESTRA, it is entertaining, educational and still serious music-making. For more information, click HERE

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