Time Is Limited

Welcome to PIANO BATTLE “Time Is Limited”. Time is very subjective. An event two years ago might feel to one like yesterday, to another it might feel as if decades had passed. How does this translate to our listening experience with music?

And who plays faster? In a show with this title, a „speed round” cannot be missing. The famous Turkish March by Mozart is an ideal piece for the audience to understand the effect of “speed”. On your marks, get set, go! In 1:03 and the other in 1:05? For sure, it will be a tight decision.

In every interactive PIANO BATTLE show, Paul and Andreas invite members of the audience on stage. The challenge this time: Musical Memory. Two teams compete with their ears as they have to find their way through number cards. 7 different musical pieces, each of them represented by 2 of the cards. Which team can listen well and remember in order to identify the pairs of cards through the music?

In the Finale, Paul and Andreas both intend to play a solo piano concerto. But which one? Paul wants to play Grieg concerto and Andreas prefers Chopin concerto. None of them wants to give in and on top of that play just the orchestra part for the other, so they perform both their concertos – at the same time! A world premiere!

After this grand concerto it’s time for a final speech. And the music life time achievement award goes to… 10,9,8,7… the last count down seconds will force one of them to speed up his final jokes. Red pulsing lights, and a timer sound don’t make it easier to come to an end. Time is Limited and one of them cannot talk anymore, while the other continues bantering… But who will have convinced the audience?

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