Classical music should be fun. And this is something these two men convey for two hours more playfully than anyone who tried before.Münchner Abendzeitung, Germany
Their job: The art of polarisation. Sometimes virtuos, at other times then captivating with soft playing, spontaneously totally crazy, and then again pointedly traditionel. This is entertainment on the highest level, which allows a different perspective on classical piano music. Or maybe compels it? Good.Piano News, Germany
Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis are internationally successful pianists. They could have simply enjoyed a career that followed the usual concert circuit, but that’s not what’s on their mind. In the Piano Battle, they challenge each other in an energetic fight for quality and acclaim. The audience is the interactive jury. A fun event to be greatly enjoyed.Der Tagesspiegel, Germany
As the competition got white-hot, the performers and the audience found themselves unable to sit back down … as the crowd looked on, nervous and excited, immersed in the beauty and tension of the music … And when the smoke clears, the only thing that’s been defeated is the barrier between classical music and the Magazine, China
Entertaining and yet with depth… Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis are professionals of their craft, otherwise they could not add so much to it – they narrate, joke, present, satirise, improvise, all hand in hand. It was a theatrically staged show on the highest level, far away from some TV battles… One treat followed another, thrilling the audience. Lots of applause, and at the end: standing ovations.Schweriner Volkszeitung, Germany
Piano Battle has the elegance of classic music, the excitement of rock and the energy of hip-hop.Newsis, South Korea
The Piano Battle between the young men facing each other at the two Yamaha grand pianos is a publicly staged and artfully performed contemplation of the classical concert business as well as classical music itself. Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis purposefully present their expertly executed craft in the wrong – an athletic — context and let the unique qualities of their performance shine even brighter this way. Between the comedic remarks and over the course of a lovely Schubert Impromptu and a biting Ligeti piece, they compel the audience to engage in the focused mindfulness that is necessary to truly appreciate music.Berliner Morgenpost, Germany
Tongue-in-cheek showdown over six rounds, great show!Sunday Morning Post, Hong Kong
From the first second onwards, there is action in this keyboard battle… The aim is to convey classical music with modern entertainment virtues. An evening where nobody looks at the watch. Which is partly due to the snappy presentation and neat playing of the comedy pianists, partly due to the interactive concept. The audience decides about the outcome of a round by holding up voting cards. Clever.Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany
The two protagonists instantly struck a chord with the audience in the sold-out Sophiensaele. The atmosphere could not have been better as all members of the audience were actively involved… Guarantee for a great vibe.rbb Kulturradio, Germany
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